Steel door planning software

We, at Ovipaja, have developed an inhouse software for drafting and producing steel doors. We found existing software on the market

  • Expensive
  • Overly complicated
  • Slow to use

Having experience in software, I started experimenting with a cutting optimization program. An optimized cutting list is the most central feature for drafting bids as well as producing the doors. We also wanted to get glass dimensions and surface area for painting.

Steel door planning software
Example of steel door planning software

The key features of our program are

  • Optimized cutting list
  • Scale images
  • Glass dimensions

Many more helpful features could be added like u-value calculation or glazing beads selector.

I believe there are many steel door fabricators, who could make use of our program. Especially small and medium businesses, just like Ovipaja. And it is our intention to offer this program for lease, but work remains to be completed in order to bring this program to a suitable condition for wider audience.

I am writing this in an hope to learn what kind of demand could exist for our program. If you would like to try our program, learn more about it or just say hi! drop us an email at